Friday, January 18, 2008

Australian Open 2008: Andy Roddick is Out

Andy Roddick has been knocked out of the Australian Open 2008 tennis tournament. Roddick - an American tennis superstar carried high hopes going into the first grand slam of the year. Today Philipp Kohlschreiber of Germany stood in the way of Andy Roddick in their showdown at the Rod Laver Arena.

The Roddick Vs Kohlschreiber game was not a one sided affair and it was Andy Roddick who won the 4th set in a tie break which forced the Australian Open 3rd round match to go to a fifth set. In the final set, according to Grand Slam rules no tie-break will be played, and the match is forced until a player leads by two games and then becomes victorious. The result of the match will be a surprise to many, but Andy Roddick gave on a great show, just Kohlschreiber had all the answers for him on the day.

The final score for the Roddick Vs Kohlschreiber at the Australian Open is as follows.
Kohlschreiber: 6-4,3-6,7-6,6-7,8-6.

The Australian Open 2008 will soon move to knockout stages where Australian Open Tennis tickets will be in high demand, the prices will also increase as the tournament progresses. Keep checking back for more match reports, live score and results from the Australian Open 2008. A big upcoming match will be Hewitt Vs Baghdatis, that game will take place tomorrow so keep a watch out for that one!

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